Miss Pony Softball - 8U (Ages 8 & under)

Any girl who has or will reach the age of 6, 7 or is 8 years on December 31st shall be eligible to play in the Miss Pony division. It is recommended that any 6 year old has played at least one year of Tee Ball before participating in Miss Pony softball. At the Miss Pony softball level, all games will be coach-pitch; however, coaches will be working with girls to identify those interested in pursuing pitching or catching positions. An A.S.A. approved safety ball will be used at this level since this is likely the first-time girls will experience pitching vs. hitting off of a tee. As with Tee Ball the coaches collectively umpire. The primary objective at this level is to ensure that each player has a "positive experience" with softball, desires to play again the following year, and has learned the skills listed below.

  • The TEAM concept and respect for the game
  • Warm up techniques, including stretching
  • Number of outs per inning
  • The ball is always "LIVE"/"Hustle"
  • Fielding techniques (proper down and ready position)
  • Uses both hands to catch the ball vs. one handed or trapped catches
  • Ground ball fielding techniques
  • Communication (calling a fly ball)
  • Differences between a Force Play and Tag
  • Understands where to make the defensive play
  • Proper Batting position
  • Proper base running (on the ground vs. in the air)
  • Pitching or catching position interest
  • Good competitive sportsmanship


Provided Equipment:

  • Softballs 10 inches in diameter, 4½-5 oz. weight, bright yellow covering with a polyurethane core to prevent injuries.
  • Bats are typically 26-27 inches long and have a weight of 18-23 ounces.
  • Batting helmets with face-mask.


Equipment Needed:

  • Softball glove size 10 to 11 inch
  • Athletic footwear (sneakers or rubber cleats)
  • (Optional) Some parents or players choose to purchase their own batting helmet for comfort
  • (Optional) Individual bat and/or gear bag


Game/Practice Days:

  • TBD (30 days prior to H.V.A.A. scheduled opening day)



  • $70/player